Shower in a bit.

Emma’s waffles ready in toaster I go retrieve and bring to her.

Want the babies to relax, enjoy their Saturday morning.

Hoping contracts come in this week, at least 2.  That will put me above quota.  Want be at least 200%, every month.  That’s the only way I’m going to make the money I want.  Mark said that once to me—“Great if you hit your quota… you probably won’t be making the money you want, though…” And it hit me.  Fuck the quota.  What about what I (!!!!!) want.

Put more material on LinkedIn….  Start more conversations.  I tell myself all the time but don’t enact or practice at rate and volume desired.

8:40, well over a thousand words for the day but I’m not slowing….. setting my own aims, QUOTA.  For August, an extra 3k from writing, blogging, Web Design, other services creative.