Caddis Room.  All up and operational.  Thievery Corporation playing.  Taste through wines… may have to open new set.

Started with Rosé.  Perfect… playful and jazzy, ambient and loving.

Next, CH (Chardonnay).  That texture I remember.. more weight and push and pull in her song.

Don’t hit the reds, just smell them to be sure they’re not flawed or oxygen-harmed in any way.

Loud cars, motor cycles and scooters driving by.  Breaking my focus if I have focus here.

Should just be taking notes.  Wine.. in a tasting room, music, thoughts… me and my books, own wine.  Always come back to wine I tell myself and remind myself to the beat of this track.

You know what, I will have some red.

Got wifi code…. I think.  I’m on.

Trying the Zin, I guess…. What I said earlier.

Tasted like a Cab, ‘cause it was the Sonoma Valley Cab.  Made me laugh….  People walking by with their dogs.  Should get an office in Sonoma, right on the square.

This could absolutely be my office, my Room, for wine and room, creative, thought, music, everything.

Little work area, end of bar, sitting, looking left to East Napa St.