Tired.  Tempted to take a nap.  Or have a glass of wine.  Thinking that.  Trapped in the house, cases rising and hotter than shit outside.

Why is there a red line under ‘than’?

This covid shit is starting to really contaminate my concentration and character and everything..

4:51 Back at desk after heading to Mom and Dad’s for a bit.  So far today, latte in the morning and chicken fajita salad for lunch.  And a glass of that Oregon Pinot Gris at M&D’s.  Everything for tomorrow morning’s run.  Hoping for 5 miles.  When it’s COOL.  Running stuff down here with me… shorts and shirt.  Will put out shoes in a bit.  In a mood but I’m writing self out of it.  And it has to do with being in the house, I know.  About to open the Westwood Chard in a minute.. write about that for the vvv blog.

Writing wine tonight…. The Pinot, the GSM blend from the other day… now the Chardonnay.  Looking for other wine circuits and echoes of expression.