Aim for day…

Even with the day in the tasting room, 3000 words.  All wine words.

About tasting, varietals, blends, waking early during harvest…. anything and everything wine and from my life.

Working in the Caddis Room today off the Sonoma Square.  Looking forward to the drive and the music, thoughts of me and my wine quarter, wine books I finish finally, and the resulting travel when this covid shit is past.

Iced Coffee again this morning.  Didn’t wake early to run as I wanted but I’m not being excessively harsh with self for not.  The day starts now, 8:59.  Leaving house in less than an hour.

When there, situate Room… taste through wines, may buy a couple for myself to try.  Or not.  Need to move some business money around for blogging project.  Need re-do the #mikemcreate site.  Eliminate much of the copy.  Repeat blogging, Blogging…. BLOGGING.

One minute after nine, and I care barely wait to get in the car.  Part of me is tempted to just leave now.  But I won’t.

Going into the other room, hang out with babies for a bit, do hair, then leave.  Bring Sonic sweater, don’t forget.