Kids playing, but I can feel and sense the volatility of the peace between them.

Starting morning tomorrow exceptionally early, with a run then in chair, then heading to field.

More I think about Bottledaux as a business, the more I love its not lack of focus but antithesis to singularity .

Music…. Want music in the room.  All I can hear is Jack trying to instruct Emma and agitating him then he calms and goes back into instructor tone.

What do I want people to know me for, I asked myself on a run the other day.  Writing.  Notably, poetry.  In everything. How I approach prospects, business, conversations, when I speak, my videos (and I want to do one a day, going forward…), notes, wine projects, anything I can think of and it’ll be all in and from and for the moment its.

FOR, the moment, singularly.