Coffey Park, Santa Rosa, CA.

Drove to get gas, then coffee.  Realized I had to go inside to pay for pump.  Place rebuilt, since the 2017 fires.  Not sure I’d been in since it opened.  I look around for someone after approaching counter, couldn’t see anyone then saw a young girl stocking and wiping down a shelf, mask worn.  I felt bad, like I’d interrupted her piece of peace, no one in building and light music playing.  Asked her gently for “Twenty on 7…” No problem, she said, I thanked her, back to car.  While filling, I heard and looked up to see a car, think a mustang or one of those Mustang-looking Dodges, speeding noisily South on 101.

“I need a car… I need to get rid of this fucking Prius.” I said to myself.  Not sure I even know what I want.  I’ve started looking, but…. Writing questions down for self.  Five days from my birthday, and don’t want to be driving that car anymore.  Probably going on about this too long, but this is where you’ll find my thinking.

Woke this morning and thought I’d have some quiet, but washing hands in downstairs bathroom with door closed I could hear Jack ask for me, wanting to tell me that Emma was asleep on the floor, that she’d fallen out of bed at some point last night.  Then, not even a minute later I hear her voice, greeting her brother “HI JACK” and asking what he’s doing.

Fly in the office, for the first time in a while.  Fuck, two of them….

What do I want from today…. Writing.

Looking at houses, where is my little notebook?  The little red one?  In here somewhere.

Step away from desk, little Allergy attack.  Can’t find it now.  Whatever…. It’s fine.  Nevermind.  Found it.  Thank goodness..  Taking with me, getting breakfast for family.  Need another drive, some more music.  More poetry, my thinking tinkering in ideas rowing glowingly.

Today will do something.

IDEA:  Article, short, on journaling.

IDEA: Article, short, on sales, selling.

IDEA: Article, short, on meditation, wellness, health, mental health.