…seeing my wine shop, it pulls me from this lull and stall I’m in.  The wooden boxes, California Cabernets, Russian River Zins… Paso Cabs and GSM blends… everything.  See self hosting a tasting, several of them, one weekend then another.  Wine in everything my mind paints.  The tasting room bar, the vineyard rows, doing tastings on a patio or at a picnic bench.

                On Bottle Barn’s site now, and putting together a six-pack.  Will write about all.

                Took Starbucks cup outside, to recycling.  Was I supposed to throw it away, or was that the right move, recycling…?  Back in the wine store, see it as mine… may put a case together, not just a six.  Stay in the wine talk and pacing, extend to all other zones of self.  Tomorrow in leads group I’m schedule to speak, and that’s where I’m going to speak FROM—vino.  It’s everything I Say and do, and how I think.  Just made an appointment to have a virtual glass of wine with one of the Senior AE’s.  All from wine, and for wine, for writing….  Jackie is asked by his mother what he should write about.  She offers him topics, tells him to title it “Freewrite”.  Lunch from the school down the street, how it’s raining today, playing at home with his sister… his topic choices, or some of them.                 As he begins writing, I tell myself to stop thinking.  This is something I think about often when running, how thinking provides an odd impediment to production.  If you’re running and not thinking, that’s when you catch the runner’s high that everyone mentions.  Same with writing, with business, with blogging, with anything….