I haven’t, is that wrong? I mean, I am concerned, and I in no way want to get fucking covid, but I haven’t been that blown away by any fear or angst concerning the.. whatever it is.

If I’ve been bothered by anything it’s the kids from time to another getting restless and playing cornhole in the house just a second ago when it was indicate quite tautly that it’s an outside toy, game.

50 minutes till class.  Challenging self to write everything… seriously, every fucking thing.  Turning left onto Piner from Coffey I thought about how much I’d have put to page if I could hold self to this.  No not all of it would be NYT list shit, but it’d be better proclamation and pagination, principle usage of thought.

For class tonight…..

Enjoy the conversations.

All ideas can be built.

The architecture of your attitude is easy to re-assign and align…