5/8/20, Friday

Was out of bed before 7, into shower and dressed and Jack oddly insisted on doing laundry and getting his sister dressed, chore atop chore and with voluntary oar..  Then, once downstairs, one thing after the other.  Me trying to send my flight email, and trying to get organized for the day, but difficult.

I take a break, sip the rest of the first cup, and look around me…. Just consolidate.

Put journals on floor to right, one on lap.  Morning stressing me but only from me allowing it to do so.

Budget… done.  Now to prospecting.

But Emma wants, DEMANDS, her orange juice.

I start being silly with them.  Fuck it.  If you can’t defeat ‘em, lead ‘em.

Going about budgeting differently… needing the blogging and other businesses to start generating.  Difficult in this time, so like Mark suggests, meet more people… start more conversations.. CONNECT.

With my final glass last night, Old Vine Zin, I thought of wine, and how not so much easy it is for me, just calming, or maybe it is easy.  Difficult with all the tasting rooms closed right now and wineries tightening all belts, but like I now know even more to do… TALK.

8:20… keep thinking how far ahead of the day I’d be if I woke at my god hour of 4am.  I blame that last glass of Zin.  Being honest…. Last night, memorable, with Melissa getting us dinner from Tip’s and all of us eating in the backyard, Jackie assertively suggesting we should all dress “fancy” for our dinner.  So we did.  But that’s just it, I realize… prospecting is talking to new family members, no matter the business type.  And it’s more than “networking”, or connecting, or even talking.  It’s place, interest, a story-start….