10:43.  You should see where I’m working now. Outside and in a small shaded corner next to a swinging baby chair.  Fuck you, quarantine.  OR, that’s the wrong attitude.. totally.  Challenge, invitation like I’ve been saying.  It is, that is how I see it, I swear.. there are moments when I lose it and curse covid and the quarantine, and everything on this planet and any other planet that doesn’t have to deal with this shit.  But I’m intrigued and beneficially singularized where I’m sitting, next to a column, next to the swing.

Jack rides around on a scooter, and I don’t see Emma.  Should probably find her.  In the garage, no worry.  Now back to everything coming at me today.  Contract about to be submitted, proposal to be sent out… Everything looking good for the month, my birthday month.  Don’t know what will entail.

Just realized it’s Cinco de Mayo.  Should get tacos from El Brinquito for lunch, have a beer while there.  Don’t run today.  I won’t.  Now I’m talking to myself in this corner…  Then quiet.  No emails, no messaging, nothing.  What do I do.  I guess keep writing as I am now…

Jackie tells me he has a new trick on his bike, going off a jump.  The part of the sidewalk that slopes down to the driveway, or just in reverse.  He just goes over it, doesn’t really jump.  Want to tell him, “That’s not a jump!  You just went off the sidewalk slope!” Actually I don’t want to say that, just sounds funny in my head ‘cause I’m not that kind of dad.  At all.  He does it again, “NICE!” I say from this brick desk.