Flight –

Notes and emails all day. All business and partner/vendor types.  Just keep talking about Sonic, and me and what I can do.  Keep moving, keep writing….  Kids, notably Jack, getting restless, and joking and trying to antagonize however he can.  Melissa doesn’t take bait, I do telling him to be quiet but he doesn’t listen. 

Today is one of writing like yesterday, but the SIP order is on my head after I hear someone on Melissa’s call mention it.  Time to go entirely virtual, I tell myself.  When it’s time to be in the street, I won’t need to be.  Something I’m noting.

Lawyers, CPAs, Construction, Marketing Firms… all business types going to learn today, meet and see what they want better.

Monday… this Monday.  Something different, you should tell yourself.  Something for you to amplify and realize, make real and material.  An invitation to change and augment certain patterns.  Provide better service to your clients and customers…. To incorporate more hospitality into whatever it is you do.  Today, MONDAY, a day so many loathe and dreadfully anticipate, is for YOU and your business…. Creative, community, with new and different methods.  Amplify, realize, materialize.  And more importantly, enjoy ALL conversations.  LOVE YOUR MONDAY.

Note to self that I as well posted on LinkedIn.  Starting as many conversation as I can, today… Kids again losing it after some tranquility… Let’s do some extra math, shall we kids? Jack says, then says, “Let’s do some Math, babeh!!” I nearly let out a laugh that would for sure get me in trouble with Melissa… now he just says things to incite and enflame, and get laughs.  I type as quick and intently as I can so I don’t laugh.  But I do, after he promises Emma she can watch Merry Poppins if she comes downstairs.  “I CAN????” She says.  Melissa laughs a bit and says, “Jackie….” I laugh then.  Silly Monday… messy office, and I’m inclined to clean a bit.

No sense in doing that, or even trying.  The climate of distraction is far too diligent.

Now quiet, have some music playing from my phone, an ambient track that has me thinking of writing more about music, what I’m listening to and why it’s playing, why I haven’t pressed Forward, or Next Track.  This beat has seeing a city from a plane window, just wanting to travel, scribble just after I take off, headed for ……

Emma showing her mother she can count, in the other room.  The chill track still heard.  Tonight’s class, going to start with music… where is it in your story… why is it in your story?  What does it do to you day and mood?  The day starts with promise and propulsion, passion and voice.  Music dilutes intrusions and what I’d deem noise.  Kids make requests, their mother oddly composed and zen.  Need this SIP order to just go away, so I can be at a café, though don’t know when that’ll be.

Latte done, why not more caffeine…. Coffee I made last night in tumbler.  OR, sparkling water.  I can’t make a decision if I tried… if you had a gun to me temple right now I still wouldn’t decide.