Trying to keep up with kids, and can’t.  I surrender, wholly.  Put on a movie so their subdued and distracted, essentially catatonic.

Going to post a wine page in a sec, to wine blog.  Have a wine that’s not an Arista to taste tonight, a Zin of all things.  A ‘Wild Things’ Zin, if you more detail.  Can’t remember vintage, nor the AVA.  Not sure if it’s Dry Creek, or Sonoma County.

Check K&L for more wines, I note self.  Find more writing assignments, note antagonizers..  Should do that now, while this lull’s alive.

Bought some orange juice and Roederer bubbles, tempted to mimosa the day toa different pace.  Will in a sec, after the vinovinevin blog post, and K&L order is done. Have to stay in the shop, I write myself.  Being my own boss, and a harsh one.  An overseer, that’s my Now, now.

Now I don’t know if I want to have that Zin, or open a new bottle of Arista… funny, I noted earlier, how the weekends now with the way things are with SIP are more stressful than the workweek. Do you think that’s somewhat comical?  I do.  How couldn’t someone see that as just a bit funny?