Lots to do today, in addition to all the potential deals I’m trying to bring to life for Sonic.  Budgeting…. Pretty much done.  Then, the piece I started writing yesterday… the song from the other day.  Neither was finished last night and I’m furious.  Thinking of the adage, of  the insanity definition of doing the same thing repeatedly and demanding different results.  Today, I’m killing it.  Killing several perpetuations.  Noted…..

At desk, 7:28am.  Kids up and I can feel their demands brewing.  Currently they’re doing their learning programs and quite quiet in the kitchen, at the island counter.  Having today be a no-spend day.  No latte, not even with the pile of quarters in the center-rest.  Running later, aim is 4 miles.  If I do more then I do more but noting 4 as the run’s title and general objective.

Over 8 hours into fast.  Hoping to stretch past 15.  Would love 17 but that might be excessive, I know.  Yes, 15.  That’s what I’ll go for.  Do some reps with the weights at my left, in a minute.  Settling more into the day itself.  What to produce, today… what different.  What NEW…. New ideas and notes, thoughts and pages for the book, for this new journal, this thing that the quarantine created.  OR maybe quarantine shouldn’t get the credit.  In fact, I think it deserves NO credit, you wanna know the truth.

7:34, email one of my IT partners…. See if his client is ready to move forward.  More connecting, more tech exploration and community.  Just realized that in 8 days, 1 month, I’ll be–  Don’t say it.  Your age.  That number, that literally doesn’t mean a thing.