…Have more than enough to be busy.  And not just “busy”, but effective, and empowered for when I’m back on pavement.”

My flight plan for the day.  Coffee ready, kids up, and me getting a bit of a late start.  Much better sleep last night.  Definitely hitting pavement and running today.

Looking for places to post, work in Larkspur landing.  Just an exploration as we don’t have our stuff there yet, with the fiberoptics.  Either way, exploration.  Notes, knowing where the businesses are….

More ideas this morning.  So glad no fog about me like yesterday.  And class tonight…. More than excited for our discussion and what’s to transpire in the way of ideas, reactions, the open mic toward the end of the meeting.

Need to get a standing desk thing for this work are.  My lower back I’m sure is hurting on runs lately though not as much as a result of this chair.  Will look into…. Hate doing it, but I think I need to for today, make a to-do list.  A hit list.  A collection of aims that are easy and that I know I can hit. Wrote I think seven of them.  Put pillow on this chair so sitting’s not as cumbersome and uncomfortable.  Writing a new email, in a bit.  Something that I can just pepper addresses with.  That won’t take too long.