Kids threatening to not do anything I say.  What can I do.  No time to write.  Should slam this coffee so my energy speed and movements and franticness with overshadow theirs, collectively and individually.

4:09, back at desk, with last coffee for day.  Going to start getting ready for class shortly…. Writing notes and ideas for the night’s page.  May 3rd, soonest this shelter will be over.  When this new journal ends.  Bored, so now I guess I write my boredom.  Scouting businesses in the East Bay, and now San Rafael… other parts of Marin.  Look right, out the quarantine view, see neighbor walking with dog, possibly to get mail.  Even with the coffee I feel a bit depleted…  So what to now do.  Can’t have any wine, not yet.  Not sure I’m in much a wined mood.  I’m just following my wandering thoughts, entire mind.  Phone, paper towel/napkin, pen, little journal….  This quarantine is opportunity, but for what in this minute.  Hook up camera, after class.  Go through old wine pictures….. for what, I don’t know.  Just to do it.  Feel like one of the kids, protesting “I’m boooooored….” How do I snap self out of such…..?

Researching bars, bar areas, bar counters, for homes.  My/our forever home.  More media, more pictures… Thoughts, and promises to self written in journal as to how to get such.  My knowledge in tech, focusing, a focus… blog, new designs…. Bed earlier, wake earlier.

Feeling like sales and marketing philosophies I need to write and re-write…. Revision is the decision if you’re in sales, marketing, speaking some brand.  Know your Now, from where and who and what you are…