4/5/20, Sunday


Slept in a little.  We all did.  Think the rain might have something to do with it.  I get up brush teeth make coffee and rush to corner office, desk.  A little cluttered with camera connector cords and phones, the BW Journal…. Last night watching Sideways for the first time probably over 5 years sipping the Westwood Pinot and scribbling sentences where I could. 

Making list of easily attainable aims for day….. 300 words to vvv blog, all on Westwood Pinot.  Clean office.  Poetry…..

May be some other aims but I shouldn’t write them down, should I?  That’s what gets me into trouble.  And there’s really no need to being in this quarantine.  The only entity or activity I’m competing against, really, are the kids.  Hear one of them awake and getting dressed now.  Jack, whom I rarely anymore rise before.

He comes downstairs with his sister and tells they’re going to watch the Yellowstone documentary on his tablet, the one Mom bought him a couple xmas’ ago, or for his birthday.  Can’t remember.  But he doesn’t try to pull me from work as I imagined he might.

Blinds to left barely open, see the neighbors’ windmill going hurriedly, then slowing.  Like me with my writing, or running.  Lifted weights for a bit before coming to the keys, this desk.  I get up to do more, but for tricepts…  Done.  And one more round of bi’s.  This quarantine has me thinking of if I were ever to be actually incarcerated, how would I spend me time…. NOTE:  I’m so scared of such, and would never do anything to get me there, one because of the fear and two I just don’t do shit that would get me caged… But I’m thinking about it.  A story line, something for this book.

Nearly 10 hours into a new fast.  Is that right?  When did I finish that bowl of Raisin Bran for dessert?  Let’s just say it is true.  Going to push self, today, with the fast.  Let’s see if I can make it 17 hours.  Why?  For discipline… what the monks do, implement in their ways.  See how I can change as a character.  See what the new character embodies.  And all for the babies.  They watch their doc, I can hear that British guy narrating.

And how marketable would it be if…. Nevermind.  Was thinking about something wine and fitness, but I don’t know where I was going.  The phone that’s on this desk, the ‘IP phone’ Sonic gave me to take home as an AE.  I want it to ring more.  People need a reason to call me.  Listing reasons people should contact me as their AE, or potential account manager… another aim for day.  Just thinking about my AE days and how submitting payroll tomorrow should be quite painless… no expenses, and no driving.  So just click, submit.  Thank you, quarantine.

Rain slows, like my coffee sipping.  Re-situate and calibrate, nearly 40 pages in.  Where is this new experience, this new journal, this new me going to take ME?