Will get work addressed when I can.  Couple minutes now at desk.  Looking at projects list, special attention to Medium Business articles and notes, #papablogga jots and possible blog articles, and vinovinevin.  Opened a bottle of Sophia’s last night from LE… thinking about doing a virtual tasting…  How would I do that.  Writing it down so I don’t forget….  Zoom, just started an account.  Still have to write it down so I don’t forget.  Want another cup of coffee.  Lost time ‘cause of the nap I took, but no matter I’ll make it up.  Determined to work, study my kids and what they want to do.  All considered and measured, they love quarantine.  Today it’s raining so of course Emma can’t ride her big-girl-bike and Kerouac can’t play basketball or catch with me as he loves to do, baseball, or throw the football around as we did last night before I went to get sushi for myself.  He wanted to try the California roll and love the two pieces I gave him except for the piece that had a little wasabi on it. Made me laugh when he asked, “Dada, what if you ate that whole thing?” Pointing to the little clod of green atomicness.  “You’d throw up.” “You would?” He followed.  “Well, I would.” I told him.

Rain is more consistent than I expected, has me thinking what project I should tend to.  The #papablogga jots…. How Emma keeps insisting I play with her in her room, and how Jackie wants to play more on Snapchat with me and now Instagram with all the crazy filters they have.

“Michael!” Jackie calls  I ask him what’s up and he doesn’t respond.  Guessing he wants lunch.   Think I do as well, then more coffee.  The wine shop on my mind, as is teaching, as is blogging, as is Sonic and the AE story.  How to I blend them all, make my existence cuvee?