Out of shower.  Back at desk.

Thinking about lunch, but want to fast a bit.  Not in the mood to run, even though I should force myself.

Everyone back home, and I get an email from prospect that he wants to do a two-year contract and not a 3.  FUCK.  Guess it’s sensible, that everyone is cutting back, or just flat out going out of business. Just ended call with another AE, and he said the same thing.  Which tells me I need to adjust my business model entirely…. Not panic.  Go to media, write more but write less.  Keep entries brief.  Less than 300 words.  Or no more than 200.  Not just brevity, but immediacy, urgency.


Need a drive I think, but don’t want to leave wife stuck with restless beats.  What do I do.  I’m restless.. need be composed, stay so….

Shave, go to camera, broadcast thoughts.

New times means new business practice.  No thinking… just self-throwing at projects and priorities.