Not in the mood to prospect.  Okay, then take a break.  It is only 12:15.  I could say I’m on lunch.  Pretend.  Or simply just do.  This kitchen and nook, where I now sit thinking of something to write and thinking of my literary studies, my authors, what they’d do.  I of course lean on Kerouac, but then Sedaris and his wit, jokes, and observational oscillation from one tick and step to next.  This is quite funny, really.  They ordered me and everyone around me on my block, in the city, the county, and everywhere else it seems to shelter in place. But I just walked out. Shelter in place, well what if I desire a new place.  I’m tired of the snacks in my house, and the non-view out my window.

A couple people walk in, have their lunches.  Both looking tired. One sits on a couch and has his what looks like either sandwich or burrito.  Both look tired.  I’m beginning to tire of my writing and this whole thing, wonder what I should do… check in with family, see how Jack is doing in the woods on the walk with his friend.

Think I’m getting truly bored.  All my writing spots are no longer writing spots but take-out spots.  I’m thankful I have this office.  Haven’t looked at the blogs, yet.  Will, promised, after this “lunch”.  An employee and her boyfriend come in again.  First coming in to carry our monitors and computer tower.  Not sure what they came back for.  I’ll learn in a minute when they walk out.  See so many on social working from home and just watching Netflix or doing something else alongside working.  I will use this lull, that’s not a lull, but this condition and circumstance set to do something wild with my writing life.  My blogs, blogging, blogging for others.  More ideas….

My office will be in Cotati.  No, Petaluma.  Just far enough but not too far.  Speaking will be a dimension to my efforts as well.  And I’m not a speaker.  But, I can speak.  Everyone should feel comfortable with their own voice.  Everyone. Not sure what pulled me to this address, but I wanted to have it noted.  When I speak, either in class or Toastmasters, I’m always compliments.  Which humbles me, yes, but as well teaches me something about me, and my abilities.  I need to be speaking more…. Organizing more thought.  Not being so scattered in my writings as some have suggested.  I don’t fully agree with the cite, but I acknowledge the architecture of the argument.

Am going to prospect.  Write short emails, just the same way I speak and present regardless of group.  I will stay moving, busy, starved.  I will find something.  13 days to kill my quota.  Have to keep communicating, no matter what pandemic is fashionable.

Drinking the coffee fast.  I can feel my veins pulsing, protruding, shoving me forward, forward.  No writing spots… it’s okay…  I have now, here, where I sit.  This building.  The people in it, though not many.