Double Espresso

Trying to keep busy and not tire.

At coLAB, listening to some beats and acting as my own PR Firm.  Firm of ONE.  Finding more potential business in Marin than I thought I would.  Deciding to stay north of the GG, especially after the SF mayor announced the two-week quarantine.  Ugh… this is nuts.  Stay busy I tell myself.  Already feel like I need a glass of wine.

Nothing’s open.  Not my other writing spot on West 4th.  Closed for three weeks because of the developments and the fear and the thing.  This thing.  And it’s a thing.  Not saying the danger’s not real, but it’s still a pain.  I’m being selfish I know.

Still haven’t finished my double-esspress’.  Cold now.  Not sure I want to.  Took a sip, not that bad.  Just found out one of my other spots is open.  The one I go to often before class.  Could use a beer, or glass of that white blend.  Something… now I’m nervous, or addled in anxiety, making my sentences a bit chiaroscuro.  Like the same thing, but not.  If we do go under quarantine, it’ll be interesting to see how the writing’s affected.  Writing under quar’… interesting.  Better go get that beer before they close. And maybe they already are.  The website said open from 12-8, but who knows.  Beer, or wine rather, sounds so much more useful than this goddamn espresso.

I’m all over the place and the espresso isn’t helping.  Haven’t sipped in well over twenty minutes I’d presume but still feel the jolt and intense shine of its not-so-subtle-signs.  I need to leave, go get a glass of wine, detach from duty for a sec.  Writing homework assignments for self in journal.  All being what it’s been, today has been much more in a step of production than I thought it’d be.

So, now, yes…. Wine.  Will need more for the impending quarantine that we all here in this county expect.