Stay Moving Stay Busy Stay STARVED


Lots to do today, starting with the weekly calling blitz.  Think I know where to start, but I’m thinking some more.  Trying not to overthink it of course, just call.  Set some appointments, and get some fucking INK.  Also today is budget day for my own business(es).  Thought about doing a cash run, but not till budget’s done.  The Account Executive life reaching into everything…

A 500-word piece need be finished today, about what… sales.  And being in “sales”.. how it should never be sales and people in… tired of saying the word… shouldn’t freak out when they’re not putting a bunch of shit on the board.  They should relax, go back to the drawing board… OH, and there’s an idea.  Wrote it in the San Rafael Chamber journal I picked up the last time I was there.

Not ready to call.  Not yet.  So don’t, I tell myself.  Take some more notes and collect.  Thinking about this AE story, and how to approach prospecting differently, in a way where there’s more transactional consistency.  I know, everyone keeps bringing up the Corona Virus right now and how that could or can or is hindering sales and interactions. Well, it doesn’t quell my ambition at all.  I want a contract in.  Today.   Look at follow—  Interrupt.  Onto next thought, movement.

Done with calls.  One appointment set.  Going to drive to prospect’s office, from whom I haven’t heard yet, on a voice quote I sent them.  Will bring a bottle of wine.  Why?  Because.  Then thinking of heading to Novato, Hamilton landing and just walk around with cards, say hi to people, check out all the tech there.  Need to be more visible… and post more on Sonic and sales, prospecting (the prospect-esque writings)… just be seen more.  Maybe I could treat self to lunch in Novato… a business lunch with self where I get a fully-live plan in place, then immediately in motion.  Revolution, as Sonic always boasts and throws.  When will I get in a run?  Probably not today.  Shit.  Oh well.

Be at Balletto to pick up my engineer’s wine gift, at 2.  Then to meet him at 3:30 at S&H pub.  Like the Director advised, do different shit.  You’re in sales.. don’t do the same thing two days in a row.  And now I’m thinking, even if it worked for you that first day.

Readying for departure.  Packing light.  Just phones and a journal.  Oh, and biz cards.  Wash my hands, I know.  Phone quiet, so is email.  Time to get out of the house.  More than just visibility, but movement.  A clear and felt BEAT in the community.  What you are just as much who, and why you’re doing what you’re doing, why the story you speak is spoken by you.  What’s in my thinking beat as I ready to leave this cold house.  Enjoy a drive to Novato… find a spot for my meeting of one.  AE’s need those, meetings with self.  To see more clearly and find direction, what to target, where to canvass, etc.  May get another coffee.  Think I need one.