Stay Moving Stay Busy Stay STARVED


Working at a San Rafael sbux. Conf call in a bit.  Went to a leads meeting this morning on Mission, just a few blocks up and over.  Have some leads to email.  Then, more prospect-esque-ing.  MY attitude this morning is adjusted, re-adjusted from yesterday when heckled by that old lady on why our Fiber isn’t in the residential part of Windsor.  I get it, I thought to myself and told her.  I want Fiber at my house as well, I told her.  I left with a bit of a cloud over my movement and vessel, but shook it before class.

Last night running into an old friend, having a couple glasses of wine with him and he telling me he wants to partner on a business he’s starting.  He cited how much he loved my wine writing back in the day, how he loved my wording and how I brought wines to life as he said… the poetry to it he elaborated, or something.  I went home and opened a Sophia’s Hillside Cuvee from Lancaster, took notes, more notes, a piece of writing almost but not quite.  How many people have told me to write wine, and only wine.  Or have it be my journalistic anchor, my page base. I need to, I know… always come back to wine.  Always.  With running, with Sonic, with coffee, with blogging, with everything.

9:52.  After this call, I have another at 11.  Rubbing eyes, a bit tired.  May need more coffee.  In fact I absolutely do.  Don’t have time to get it now. Maybe a medium, or grande I think they say here.  Just a med roast, with room for cream even though I NEVER use cream.  Email new contacts after call in six minutes.  Then, prep for call at 11.  A startup I think it is.  Something having to do with engineering and marketing, I think.  Visited the site last night, and my mind was blown.. just the colors and writing, the information and tone.  I’m on the offensive today.  No, more than that.  I’m just going to take shit.  All the shit.  Everything I want.

Stay moving, busy, STARVED I remind myself.  Starting with this call.  Hoping a contract comes in today, or tomorrow.  I want three contracts signed by week’s end.  Was told I received something in mail back at Sonic’s HQ.  A chamber dinner.  Definitely want to go.  I will.  Need date, and check calendar.  Starting to be more selective, picky you could even say, with my scheduling.  And looking for bigger prospects with my movement.  10 seats at a minimum.

Call done.  Use restroom, and finally get more coffee.  Thinking a small.  Don’t want to be too jittery or amped on a call.  27 minutes till call.  And this lead wants our service.  I want his business, and not just for quota appeasement.  For the collaboration and what I might, WILL, learn.  Tone of day consistent….  Wake just as early if not earlier tomorrow, I note in Big Words journal.  Tired of the music here.  Earphones in when with coffee.. change seat.  AC blowing directly down to me.  Shit… may need to put more money in meter as well.