In A New

You see that your attitude and disposition at times is the block.  The only block.  And certain habits and ways need to be definitively dissolved.  So how do you do that?  New habits, practices, and maintaining those new habits and practices.  What are they?  How do you know what to do, precisely in switching the direction of your ship? There is no one answer.  But, the imperative urge should be to self-educate.

What are you doing right now, where you are.  Is that getting you closer to your There?  Is the practice you’re implementing now educating you on YOU, and what you’re prone to do.  More than about change, I’m urging we understand more fully and immediately who and what and where we are, and why for all.  Knowing your story, your character, and what the character does from day to day.

Everything begins with perspective, attitude, your way, your lens…. The way you estimate each scene and the composition of that scene.  You and what you want, how you start your day, and the next, the next…. The music you create.  Don’t see walls, or ceilings, only see and more so feel propulsion, invitation for YOUR creative.

This can materialize in a singular moment, one day, and with no forecast.  If so, you need upon it seize, and with hungry turns and steps.  We decide what we decide, and with more than just plainly by others endorsed enthusiasm… but MADNESS.  Too much thinking will not bring about the shift you’re looking for, hoping for, or downright seeking.

One morning… it happens at the beginning of the day, where you decide you’re DONE with the way you’ve seen matters, certain people, certain intersections and perception.  Today, this morning, there’s a different tone and hue… a new and renewed decision and dimension, a fiery decidedness bringing you There.