Now what.  3:28pm.  More notes, emails, I guess.

                No, not  ‘I guess’.  Not guessing, as that’s thinking.  And the reasoning today is NO thinking, only action.  About an hour now after the time above, and getting ready for meeting later.  Taking home laptop, and some business cards.  Going to take a late coffee break here and put out some more content.  Hate that word… CONTENT.  Can you be any less specific, and deprive your effort of significance any further?  Shit…   Nevermind.  I got it.  Thinking of class beginning on Monday, and how I need to switch some specifics on the 1B syllabus, but I’m not stressing about it.  Only a couple things to do.  Holding self to one ESSAY each meeting.  Think I know the first title, or offering, prompt, but not settling on anything yet.

                Office quieting, and my only remaining suitemate in this zone of the office is about to leave.  Saw that one of the managers left, and now I’m thinking of departing.  Thinking of wine… shocker.  What to have tonight, and what to sell in my eventual room.  Yes, I still want to do that. I will.  Everything done now is for the reality then.  Interesting to think of it that way, now that I consider what I just wrote a little closer.  Business being bridged, or following me.  Picking wines tonight that I know are aligned with my atmosphere and character beat and energy, my texture and beat, music.

                2020 will see me elevate in a way that no one around me, at any level of success has.  That is what I’m going to do… more than merely PROVE, but redefine and design my most purposeful and prudent truth.