Last 13 minutes of day.

Meeting at 6 with leads group member.  Waking at 4 tomorrow…. Taking this Sonic laptop home.  All vendors…  What do I mean by vendor.  I know, but don’t need to write it.  The whole funnel concept is annoying to me, not be connotation but denotation.  I’m more of an agency chap, having people be resellers, narrators of Sonic. This’ll take a bit of time, but I’ll start with Self.  And, take some of it outside and away from Sonic.  Focus on the principles… and shake this fucking cold I have.  Go to bed early tonight, certainly earlier than last night.  Watched that Dracula movie on Netflix, and saw things to incorporate into my narration as an AE.  Nothing vampire-tuned of course, but the lore.. the story of Sonic… the characters of the founders, yes, their collective character, but the company’s as well.  And, MINE.

Tomorrow as well, getting out of the office.  When will I run?  Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll run at night, at the gym.  Haven’t been for a treadmill speedwork visit in a while.  Not worrying about it.  Just wake early, I say to self.  Start there.  Everything additional is just additional and ancillary, unnecessary at least at this point.

Office getting more quiet.