A and E


Speed up prospecting.  Focus on vendors.  Wake up at 4—enough procrastinating and excuses.  Be on fire, all times and in all turns.  Not writing wine, and if I do it’s for the purpose of informing this.  This AE story. 

In the conference room.  Ready for meeting.  This will be the only thing I write, I say to self over and over.

Cold symptoms and effects still present.  Not sure how I finished 5 miles at lunch at the rate I did.  Meeting at 6, Steele & Hops.. bed early tonight. 

Audit 2020 aims.  Note to self from run that I didn’t write, till now.

Two appointments set today, and contract arrived for the data-only client.  Need something else… appointment with vendor, for find some IT group, some tech group, somewhere..