4:12.  Tired but not sick, thankfully.  Didn’t take much of a break as I’ve been that nonstop writer all day… appointments and research.

Alone in office, or this part of the office, and looking forward to seeing my babies.  Jack on the mend, so hopefully we can joke as we always do, slightly irritate Melissa.  Not to be mean, but it’s our thing.  And all from love, I swear.  Know some husbands would say that and not really say it.  But I am.

Desk a mess, not even a spec of interest in clearing, cleaning, organizing.

Slowing down.  I’m not getting sick, I’m not getting sick.  Can’t afford it.  Have to work, Sunday.  And, I just don’t fucking want to be sick.  No more noble or heroic than that.  I just don’t like being slow, warm then cold then hot then so fucking tired I could fall asleep on the cereal isle at whatever store.

Establishing more connections and conversations, then will begin my wrap of day.  My EOD..