Focus is theory,

When you mention it in bulk.

Walk with more meant whim.

Wrote this write before run.

Now a couple hours after the run I’m having trouble focusing on anything.  Tired a bit, and indecisive on where to devote my creative dote.  Connecting with IT vendors in Marin and SF, organizing desk and readying for own office, at some point in this new year.  Yes, coffee need present.  Keep moving, stop trying to be so organized and orderly.

The Eve, tomorrow.  Going to work a full day, I decided days ago.  Talk of us being let go early, but I’m not letting go of my projects and efforts.  The sales I log in this AE stance and walk will reflect the effectiveness of my creative work, how I’m having it drawn, how I have it planted and playing in my thinking.

4:04 now.  What can I do…. Write plan for tomorrow.  Get here at 7:30, do worksheets, then launch into emailing.  I’ve noticed more reaction to letters I’m sending.  The writing will materialize what’s been in my eye since starting this.  Thought arrangement a little sloppy and slow, try to move effectively.

Done with sparkling water, now definitively need coffee.

Need boxes for all the things I want away from this desk area, that I’ll have in my eventual office.  Or maybe I don’t want an office at first.  Suddenly intrigued with self, that I could be mobile and starkly minimalist.  Was told the other day that one of the AEs works out of a coffee shop.  Just he, his laptop and phone.  Intrigued…. Not saying I’m going to do that, but….. what about the LAB on Mendocino, the coLAB.  Think I can afford the lower tier membership just to get in, and I can get additional hours since I know someone that works there.  Pretty sure.

The coffee tastes magical, honestly.  Work today is holding my hand to the dimension I need be for 2020.  Without any possibility of fail, I WILL wake tomorrow at 4am, and write only about Sonic, or the principles and mandates, theses here embodied.

2020 will put me on the Road, and will have me writing for life.  I’m not leaving Sonic, ever if I can help it.  There’s too much here, there’s too much to learn and create, write, from.  There’s just too much.  Why would I ever leave.  I won’t.  I’m not going to.  So I can stop talking about it now…

OH SHIT… have to pay for my bottle of Sophia’s, from Lancaster, that I took yesterday… half a bottle of it left, I think.  Tonight needs to be a wine night, and I’m looking for more ways to blend Sonic and that world, that story of mine which has been present in my present and persona, Personhood, since ’09.  Actually, before.  Anyway I need to call…

$18.  Not even.  And for a $60 bottle.  Wine’s world will elevate this one, this tech/telecom/internet field.  Work is work, and I’m seeing the technical talk and plugs are more less ancillary.  So what wine am I opening tonight, that will augment what I do here?  One of the bottles Mom and Dad bought me for xmas.  What I’m thinking now anyway… teaching myself to write more carelessly, free, and attached to my meta, the desk or the living room where I was yesterday morning around 5:30-something when I woke from some odd dream and just wrote.  3000 word essay that I still have to edit.  Add that to the project list.  May come in even earlier than 7:30… or, take this laptop home.  Thinking too much about it, I know.