Notified that we’re cleared to leave at noon.  NOON.  That’s much sooner than I saw happening.  What do I do.  Where do I go.  Jackson’s?  3rd Street?  Finish the fucking story, an old friend reminded me from HST’s F&LILV.  In the tech office, and no one wants to be here, but I feel perfectly perfect and composed.  Jackson’s could work most optimally, I’m seeing.  Seeing myself working and writing in some tucked away seat, maybe on that mezzanine, sipping an SB at first then a red.  Even if I do a solid 3 hours of wine writing work, that would leave 2 hours till class starts, at least.  Why is the JC making us work today?  Are the trustee idiots working?  The president, the emperor, the VP, the committee chair board wizard or whomever?  I should just cancel class.  Student texted me earlier and asked if her friend from out of town could come to class with her.  Of course I said yes, but she shouldn’t be going to class.  She should be with her friend, enjoying her evening before thnxgiving.  Now gripped by a mood, one where I just want to write and do nothing else. Finish the story.  How…. Wait, an idea.