Notes as the day goes:

Training to begin in a few, waiting on another attendee.

Training for later cancelled, someone out sick.  Me, feeling alive and fiery and flexible today.  May go for a run, today.  MAY… or, write.  Or do I go somewhere and write.  Going to bed as early as I did last night and going home early to nap is absolutely the connector to the Mike Madigan in the office today.  Third coffee of day, and my way…. A new way.  Eager to show how much I’ve learned in this training, and much I don’t need it but appreciate it as a refreshing seminar or brief.  I can see myself getting dismissed, being told I don’t need it.  And I know I don’t, but still eager for it as review, invitation for ideas exchange.

Where do I …..  Going now.  To training.

Rather than resisting being shoved out of the office, maybe I should be encouraged by it.

Day 9 in Second 100 Pass.  Just let the story carry you.  Don’t try to control, don’t try to hold or steer…. Let the gusts lovingly shove your sails.

11:47.  Training done, and how much I have learned in this AE dimension was wildly and kinetically confirmed.  Lunch in a few, bringing Strong Words pages with me.  Chinese, my solution and resolution.  Not feeling run-ready, not yet.  Luckily my immune system is what it is, and the cold or whatever was yesterday advancing is already scurrying aware scared of my strength.

Thinking products, product focus, after the training on legacy products here at Sonic.  Wondering what my legacy products and services are.  Something to storm over, over lunch.