3:55. Day finally starting to calm.

No run, as I had to rush out to a site visit with one of the SE’s.  No lunch today, technically.  Cleaning desk a bit more, so that only leads—business cards, names, contact info, paths to transaction—are visible and within physical reach.  What do I do tonight in class….  Go in blank, no plan, only keep them for an hour.

Nearly settled on leaving early, now.  30 minutes, say.  And go where, thinking either Whole Foods or S&H.  Or, right to campus.  No… somewhere to sit, get through some grading, get these papers out of my stage and scene.

Write up EOD…..  Done.  And, followed up with a prospect in Berkeley.  She’ll sign she says just needs a little time with much of her staff being out, and some family emergencies, and other others. 

Could absolutely use a glass of wine.  Yes, a Pinot, or some light blend, something.  Beer in no way sounds appealing, not now anyway.  Getting out of office, off to collect and not so much prep for class but shift senses and sights, my identity and what I want to say.  Maybe I don’t want to say anything, maybe I want to start animation, vocal and loud discussion in stories and characters, possibilities and decision.