Day ONE, of 2nd 100 Project


Running me, all put on.  Have some good, what I would call “good” conversations started for day so far.  Holding off on coffee, of course, and wondering where I’m going on run.  Definitely not Rodata.  Done with that trail, for any future I can foresee.  List grows for productivity project.

Oh shit… just realized this is day 1 of the new 100 projects.  Noted that on today’s little piece, with aims for appointments and contact this person, and that person.  Will type up official list of aims for project when back from run.  The aim of the first one, or the dominant objective of being on autopilot has absolutely been achieved and more than streamed.  I’m here, with three contracts coming in last week, and this week picking up on conversations and already qualifying addresses for prospects.

Aim for run, between 5 and 6.3 miles, and definitely not over an hour.  For week, and all weeks 25-30 miles.  One more bathroom break, then out the door.  Saw that outside temp is upper 60s.  Not sure that’s right.  Doesn’t matter.  I need to get out.  Need a run.  Make calls when back.