Know my approach for day.  Just settling in, now.  Traffic on Stony Point curving and curbing my yay-say this morning, but I don’t need recovery.  I just ignore it.  And, utilize it as a measure for composition of character.  Alone and quiet in bullpen this morning, so I gather, collect, find ways to escalate my AE reality.  Have goals for the next hundred days, or some of them, jotted, typed on borrowed laptop from wife.  8:35 now….  What do to do in this work mode to acquire more elevation, not so much more happiness, but, frankly, more sales.  I will have the nucleus and nexus of Mike Madigan translate to and precipitate sales.  Conversion.

Back in class tonight.  I’ll prep here, not at S&H, nor in the Emeritus conference room.  Right here, at this desk.   So much in my head and a wide terrain of voltage in my actions, this morning.  Running at 11-something.  Only five miles.  Wrote day’s aims in strong words journal.  Overthinking, thinking, an anchor which slows and numbs my trek and dash, marathon’d sprint toward my There.  So… just writing.  Writing in my Now, in this tech office, internet company having me think about connection and interaction.  Class won’t be class, it won’t be anything that it has prior.  But something different.  Something wholly honed on narrations, YOUR words and voice, times and Now.

Not sure the morning latte did much. I do sense the awakeness of me, but not to some unusual or even propelling degree.  Trying to diminish coffee usage, part of day’s approach.  I’ll allow self one more cup, but not for a bit.

More numbness during composition, writing.  Not telling anyone not to care, but just report more, be a teller of location, action.  Me, here in Sonic office the day and people just now coming to life, and me listing day’s aims one by one, like I can hit all of them or maybe I can. What if I can.  Don’t care so much when writing, freewriting means writing freely, autonomously, free of everything including constructions commanded by self.