Haven’t stopped moving since I arrived.  Ran 8 miles at lunch, which I took early, then went to Novato for a meeting and drop in on a business.  Both were beneficial.  On run, thought about the funnel principle, and how doing my job less is doing my job more, in terms of sales.  Which I’ve written before.  Expecting a contract, a re-term, to land any minute now.

Going to call one more business here in a minute before leaving for a meeting at 4:#0 at Aroma R’s.  In sales, I’m now convinced that you need use everything you already have in your story, and write each step, each discovery, and each conversation.  And, let prospects know that you want to work with them.  Writing that on a post-it, now….

Wish I could remember everything from my early run, but I can’t, and I won’t beat self into some mood for not remembering.  Sip cold coffee I made hours ago, and has just been sitting on desk by box of business cards.  Just one sip.

Lett being more a potent punch to audience, more delivery of message in small span.  That’s more poetic, more memorable, and of more lucrative potential.