3:42.  Interview in a bit.  Trying to grade through papers when I have a few free breaths.  Sipping coffee.  And have to somehow get ready for tomorrow’s early rise, tonight.  Excited to be in my old neighborhood tomorrow, look around San Carlos and possibly canvass businesses there.  When was the last time I was on the Peninsula… think for uncle’s funeral.  Then class tomorrow night.  Be moving be ready stay hungry.

Interviewing.  Where do I start.  With the interviewee, of course.  Keep him talking, I’m noting to self on this little notepad.  Nothing else to write, but this day.  Just secured an appointment with a prospect for whom we’d need to do a micro-build.  Was prompted to visit this site, and got the appointment.  The AE who suggested I visit them said “Congrats.” In an email.  For what, I thought.