4:52.  Still moving quite quick.  Sent some more emails, one concerning forecasting and measuring sales.  Reminds me I need to keep up with my follow-up grid that I started last week.  Move, move I keep telling myself.  Writing it in my how-to for AE’s, the bigger tablet/journal.  Desk a mess but I’m not concerned, even a little.  Tomorrow morning waking early, go to gym and get 9 miles on tread like I used to.  Can do it, no problem.  And if not 9 then 8.  NO, NINE.  Not just aiming high but promising self that I will reach that fucking apex.  No negotiating.

Feel a possible cold coming on, with slight and barely detectable soreness of throat.  Ignoring it.  Don’t have time, frankly. Quite simply that simple.  I do NOT have time for any sickness, bug, sniffles or crud.

Day is starting to slow, but I resist it.  Completely.  Thinking of taking this laptop home, but no.  Have to grade through the tower of papers that does somewhat intimidate me but I’m going to grade fast and not let that fucking wall of submissions take away from my work here, my development of MY story, OR my teaching, time in the classroom.

Office much quieter than it’s been entire day.  Collecting and spending time with self, seeing tomorrow, the rest of the night with the kids, then grading and some additional writing after that.  NaNo project, due at November’s end.

At a rice cake, now another.  Writing aims for tomorrow, on paper and here….  Drive to Marin, San Rafael and Novato.  Then come back to office for more Collective work, more additions to conversation. See?  Sounds much better than “load your funnel”.  Find spots on Peninsula to canvass and, or, scout.

Readying for leave.  Time with babies… how hot is it, outside? Need some gum…. Not that I NEED it, just sounds good right now.  Off to market in back of building… EOD.