Moved desks. Was opposed but I rationalized

that if I have more space to operate and plan more opportunities are possible.  Nearly done with the move from the incubator to here, my new more human desk and workspace, but still some things pinned to cube wall.

Going out to dinner after this with family, to a spot that I might be able to land as an account, but I don’t know for sure what kind of speeds or pricing I can get.  After my Salesforce training with one of the Coordinators (Sales Coordinator), I’m thinking more technically, more technologically.  Yes still as me a wine writer but with more expansive and inviting vernacular palate.

Might come in tomorrow morning… blog about the morning, the quiet office, how this work, what I do here at this tech/internet company will solve, fortify, and abide whatever I see, have sights on.  This desk is where the P-O-Z Agency will start.  What does POZ do?  Connect and Compose.  That could be our actual worded thesis, not decided yet but that’s where my thinking is.


Leaving in a bit.  Just sent EOD email.  Desk a little cleaner, but not impressively.

Circles, Paths, Questioning.  Then, PRISMATIC.  Two post-it’s from my old cube I just moved over, part of the POZ philosophy.  Here on blog so I can throw the post-it’s away.  Or do I want to keep them?  Throw them away, I tell myself.  No more of this packratting wackiness.

4:56.  Thinking of a glass of….. what, that red blend?  Or the Albarino?  May go tasting/prospecting in wined territory tomorrow, but….. where.  Mauritson, haven’t been in a while.  Even Wilson I’d be willing to hit.  Anywhere where there’s a story, and the stories are everywhere.

Today, not productive, but profuse and promising.