A thousand words to start day.  Sipping latte listening to the fans go.  Wife and babies at the race, and me about to get ready.  Having a $300 project as a quick focus and draw-up of character.  No expenses foreseen, that require cash anyway.  Want the CC paid off by year’s end. Nearly there.

Blogging… everything.  Need to get out and blog more about what people are doing, and me a working daddy, one with you could say 3 ACTUAL jobs.  And I say ACTUAL that way as each is obligated, lasting a certain significant stretch of time, and pays decently.  How to get this to stream currency, though… Don’t worry about.  Like I said the other night at dinner with Thomas, “When you focus on metrics you endanger the metrics you’re after.”

Shit!  Just remembered I still have to write that article for that lady, the one who specializes in Wellness and Happiness…  I’ll start with the Tolstoy quote.  Can’t remember the exact word placement, but essentially “If you want to be happy, be.” Actually I think that’s precisely what it is.  Anyway, somehow have to find time to do that.

Monday, tomorrow… going to absolutely BLITZ it.  Be in San Rafael by 10, canvassing.  Walk around for a couple hours, then back to office for a run.  Also this week, no Starbucks.  And, no eating out.  I cringe thinking of all the money I’d save if I just stopped.  Not counting last night, taking family to Union Hotel, the babies so happy with their little breadsticks and pizza, Jackie asking for a bit of my pasta, my sipping some of my sister’s Chardonnay.

Time… just passing me, but I’m catching what I can when I can.  8:53… shit.  How did that happen.  When do I have to leave…. OH SHIT, I have to be there by TEN, not 11.  Where is my sight, awareness.  Certainly not in a fucking tasting room.  But here I go…. To write the day, and start on tomorrow all day today, on the tasting room’s fucking dime.