Approaching 3 o’clock.  Just under 20 minutes away.  Tired, not motivated, not getting ahold of anyone.  How can I switch it up, for the day and principally.  Hmmmm…..  Account Executive, Account EX-EC-U-TIVE.  Thought about getting out of the office, getting into the street, but no.  No one wants to be approached on Friday.  They’re too much looking forward to their weekend.  Can’t blame them.

Funny thing about networking…. Forgot what I was going o write, how I was going to approach that.  Work, the ‘working’ part of the word.  Where the work is done.  But if it’s too obvious, then the potential for something lucrative or promising to materialize diminishes.  Writing about work, solely now, I see that when you work too hard you damage your work, the use and application of it.

Work should be impassioned, dynamic and ever encouraging of creative.  For me, be it wine, or teaching, or here at Sonic… there needs to be life, radiance and never repetition.