Have to write a short bio, for tomorrow’s introduction… introducing me before I give my Sonic lecture.

Then I just get an email from the chapter president that the meeting’s cancelled.  Good… well, not GOOD, but I’m not saddened by it.  More of a morning, for me.  What to do…..  go somewhere and write.  Maybe Peet’s.

Alone in bullpen.  Just finished this long, somewhat silly but then unexpectedly useful online class for leads group.  Could use a walk.

My novel could use some of its daily attention.

Run tomorrow, and the next day.

Only five miles tomorrow, then EIGHT on Friday.  No excuses.

Oh shit.. forgot I need to write that bio.  Do it later.  No, NOW….

Mike Madigan

Born in Santa Cruz, raised in San Carlos.

B.A. in English with a Creative Writing emphasis, M.A. in English with Literary Theory and Philosophy emphasis.

Mike lives in Santa Rosa with his wife and two kids, Jack (7) and Emma (3).

There is no spare time, Mike maintains.  There is only time to create, learn, connect, and love.

Mike has been teaching at the college level for 13 years, and in the wine industry for the same amount of time.  He currently works at Sonic, consults and blogs/writes in the wine world/industry, lectures two courses at SRJC and runs as much as he can.

A quote he lives by, “If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.” (Malcom X)

His reason for being at Sonic, to build business from creative education, genuine connectedness, and love for community and customer care.

How’s that?  Will pay attention to novel tonight, as much as I can.  4:51, should leave soon.  Want a glass of wine.  Just have the Rose under my desk.  Take it home…. Enjoy it.  Enjoy lots of it.  Not happy about these power outages, but I’ve always said “Go with the story, work with existing momentum, not against it.”

Office now so quiet. Everyone in the barnyard, my little neighborhood, gone.  Maybe I should stay a bit, get the day’s contribution to novel to 500 words.  Why not.