Day 33.  I think.  Let’s just say it is.  Driving down to I think Novato in a bit.  Should get address, I guess.  Focusing on the consistency of movement, what I’m doing in this office and out.  Today I will be getting in front of people and propelling the same energy from the classroom.  I will be speaking Sonic as I speak literature, wine.  Whatever animates me.  And it’s San Rafael, where my ship heads. The day’s minims telling me, “Do something different.” Break all molds and predictabilities, patterns and known echoes.  So I do.  Will be out of office, the entire morning.  And when back, go for a longer lunch run.

Tonight in class, just talk.  Bring up Dharma Bums when you can, or if you remember, but talk to them about writing.  Have them write, recite, read from each other’s thought plates and manuscripts.  Write more on the board.  Call on people and have ….  No, don’t plan.  Just be present and keep moving.

The latte this morning really having a writer in his determined tumble.  49 minute the drive says, to San Rafael.  Where I’m going in the city, which is on Redwood Highway.  The Sonic story, keep writing it.  Every piece and dote, pulse and frame in this office.  My desk with all its papers, the dual phone charger the Senior trainer just gave me for the car, to charge my two phones.  Work, work….  Go in late to winery this Sunday.  So much in head, write it all, or try.  Hear people talking around me, going to the back to get coffee, start their day.

I think of my own office, where I’ll have it.  Where.. Marin?  Or… Healdsburg.  Windsor, just above KIN.  Fuck, I’d go broke, and more than likely gain unwanted pounds which would obstruct the running.  Running… yes, 7 miles today.  I don’t care how hot it gets.  Project, already a third of the way done.  Deliverables would be more devoted running (which could still be improved), solo flying in this Enterprise role, and minimizing the wine world and teaching at the JC in terms of the amount of stress and actual push and pull I allow it to have on my character.

Writing takeover, today.  Writing everything, even when I’m not writing.  In my lecture last night I talked about there being more writing in whim than in planning or predicting, forecasting.  Just how I’ll run my business.  Today I’m a kamikaze of love, of creative, or a peripatetic randomness and supernova of chance, of autonomous realizations and writings.  One of the theses of the P-O-Z, that drives it and will bring it into further life.

Off to Road.  Restroom first, gather coffee and notebook, then leave. More than likely will hit traffic, but no matter.  I’m looking forward to it, frankly.  I am. Seeing all the people around me in their cars, going wherever they’re going.  There’s so much to write… there’s so much for this blog, this book, this work, me blogging and writing about work.  But it’s not work, it’s love, it’s ME. This is what I write, this IS the book.