…of the day.  Why am I working today, anyway.  For the writing.  I know.–  They talk of volcanoes, ones close by I think.  Ones dormant.  The man says that these volcanoes are not like Hawaiian ones.  The woman says how this area is extremely active, geologically.  Then starts talking about  book she read.  I could listen to them all day.  Why don’t I.  Why aren’t I.  Why aren’t I out writing today.  I’ll be in the tasting room and I’m not sure how much a mood I am to do that.  Today, anyway.  Embrace it, Mike, I tell self.  Write the entire day, even when you’re not.  The wine world is something like a puzzle and storm and some sort of eruption that comes and goes, and I study it and write it. I try to block the couple from my senses and anything that takes in, but I’m unable with the woman talking about the book.  The man leans in, eating a bit of taste, and listens to her summary.  Sounds like the wine world and industry especially with all the little clans and tribes …

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