Tonight in class….  No plan.  No backpack.  Just the notebook.  Have a glass of wine after, at home.  Take more notes.  Appeased one aim today, now another with packing light to class.  Then, notes over either a glass of wine or coffee before class.

Alone in barn right now.  Love this quiet.  Now I’m asking self, why did I agree to teach two classes?  ‘Cause that’s me, my “brand”, I guess.  What do I want to talk about tonight?  Not going to think about it.  Sipping sparkling water, and readying to leave.

Too much going through the writer’s head now to write.  Walk away from the keys.  Not from any block, but from the knowledge that I need to live for a minute.  Get in car, drive to a table somewhere to write, then to classroom where I’ll let students know I have the class.  Yes, I just found out.  No more than three minutes ago.  MY qualms with institutional education have not gone anywhere, but I’m relieved that the Room is mine.