Saturdays are just funny to me.  I hear so many people around the office talking about “Happy Friday” and “It’s Friday… yay…” or something of such stride.  But this is writing time for me.  Even though I’m not alone, and I’d rather not be and have my babies close by, I seize this time to write and collect self.  When else am I going to do it.  Doing everything I can when in office to prospect and generate business and harness self to this new position.  So today, Saturday, the day of nothingness for so many, is my day to WORK.

Need more caffeine, of some rile.  Latte always does the trick, but that’ll have to wait.  Need get son dressed, self as well, teeth and out door.  I’ll get him something.  Tell him we need turn off the Harry Potter whatever and of course protest.  Have to be sneaky.  Have to be new character… re-write, as I just posted.  This blog now becoming my notebook, evidence of studenthood, how I’m always such with these kids.  Being a student is more a job that your eventual job, I’ve always thought and am reminded.  Here, now, at this counter.