Deciding to write more about where I work, what I do, good days and those not.  Today, one of the good, multiple times over.  Everything from the morning, to being out in the Field on my own, lunch with a Senior AE, then to the meeting where the director of the department complimented in front of everyone in the room, a good 15 or more people, my energy and enthusiasm and eagerness to devour the knowledge that’s here in this department and those affiliated.  There’s more life, more invitation in this building, I can now see and say with concrete confirmation.

Sonic, in all its randomness, brilliance and oddity, is more than optimal for a writer like me.  I write about work, what we do for work and why.  And why I’m here is very much a result and compliment to the wine industry.  Not just developing some sales “talent”, but an interest in business identity and functionality.

Hearing everyone around me speak in the language of their Craft, their expertise, settles and assures me.  Writing everything down, on one legal pad.  Centralizing, this building teaches me.  A company that doesn’t just elevate business’ phone and internet setup, but is a creative amoeba, consistent in reliability and accessibility even with its changing shape.

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