Every wine is a known entity.  Developing, cognitive, interactive.  Wondering what the next one is.  Can’t be something I’ve had before.  So…. Will have to get something tonight.  Know where I’ll go, but not yet convinced I want one varietal over another, really.  I’m in the mode of exploration, asking questions and not having them answered at all but the wine or what I perceive, any trust of my perceptions or some understanding of wine.

I’ll walk through the store doors, to the wine isle, and just see what I see.  Budget set, but not really.  I’m not concerned with expense for this exercise, or assignment.  Whim and plan lack is sharply apposite, needed but the scene and where I’m finding myself in my wined story.  Finishing the RRV Pinot last night from Balletto, a winery I show over and repeated love for but get no response from their management or proprietor table, but no matter.  The wine pushed me, taught me about me as a wine writer and someone with such a sown wine reality in his reality.  I want similar talk but with heightened ark and conviction.

Nearing end of day, and already tremendously written in fermentation.  Seeing my wines, their collective and individual entities.  Yes, this is all pushing me toward my own tasting room.  One I own.  May need partners in the beginning as my sister told me, mentioning the cost of alc licenses in Sonoma County, the quantity of remaining and the competition to get them.  Prices anywhere I think she said from 50-250k.  Yeah, I don’t want to think about that, now.  Just want to continue in this love, be in love with wine and all her assembly of words and song.

Thinking some Cabernet champion, one people know, one that’s seen as something when it comes to Cabs.  So… then what.  Duckhorn?  Sbragia?  A Ridge?  Oooooh….. A romantic rowel.