5:10. Wife leaves for workout class. I don’t let self go back to sleep. Up starting with a bit of writing. Will do push-ups in other room in a bit. Not letting self go back to sleep. Quiet in home. This starts. IT… the practice of early morning everything.

Warm on this first floor. Waking up slow. Sipping water I poured for self earlier, around 2-something I believe. Hear daughter. Then don’t. Should start working out before I do have to go up there. This is dad life, stealth and silence, sub rosa movements are a big part of it.

Think the allergy medicine I took is actually working. And I say actually because I didn’t think it would. Yesterday’s attack was impressive, relentless and consuming. I thought nothing would work…

150 sit-ups, three sets of inconsistent push-up counts. One set where I’d go down for 12 and hold, then come back up. Abs are more a focus, though, getting older. Tempted to take weights from our room, but I can’t remember if one or both of the babies are in there. Have to check.. when wife is back I want to feel’s though I worked out. Want to be able to say that to myself, driving to the Sonic office.

More arms after bringing weights down, biceps and tri. 50 more sit-ups, and a 1-minute plank. What next…. arms… more arms.

50 more sit-ups. More arms. Definitely feeling arms tire and recognize this morning’s efforts. What now, I wonder. Need to buy some lighter weights. The 25s are becoming too heavy. Another plank. 1+ minute.

Plank done. Will stop there. Kids are awake. Son calls down to me. Going up. Daddy mode and form. Thought about going to gym tonight, but no. Will run tomorrow morning. Turning 40 assessment just a small realization over a month away. Going to get clothes, ready for day. Jackie says something funny again, I go up..