Thousand words to book.  Now just me and the coffee.  Tomorrow’s talk on Life Over Linearity.  I can hear the people walking in, seeing me, expecting something.  How much transported and taken do I want to be by others’ expectations and forecasts.  I don’t know.  I think we all do, to some degree.  But I’m just going to speak, and freely.  Me.  The magic of the meta and the momentum of my Now, the onus I’ve written and put to page.

In a Lo-Fi mood, bobbing my head to this beat while I type, my sight set on something more than a mere plight.  Ignite my thoughts, never trite time’s talk.  So…. Here, in breakroom, people talking and me focusing on music.  The riffs and echoing chimes, chords, drums…..  So, reorganize my consciousness after a thousand word sprint.  Hint, grin at the screen, expectations don’t deem authority, I say to myself.  So… onto next creative canton.

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