At desk.  Cruising through to-do’s.  Bulldozing them, really.  They have no chance against me.  None.  Making notes, now, for the day.

9:54, friend Abraham comes over to ask me about pronouns and gender, telling me he thought “Professor Mikey’s in the building, why don’t I just go ask him…” Made me laugh, but reminded me of my vision, where I’m going and the smaller destinations in the larger collective Road.  Appreciate how he and others see me.

Break approaching.  Thinking of my book, what book, THE book.

Wrote in each journal.  Sonic, Germany, and Happiness Project.  The day and I have a dance.  We dance and love and more do as the hours us pass.

10:09, tempted to take break but I’m rolling in my role, my roll, here at my desk.  Writing everything—people walking past me for meeting in room behind my desk.  Can see my office, my nearing bridge, the composition of and…. Everything.  Visions.  Singularity.

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