Too tired to have an

actual sitting, and actual writing moment, I sit with a beer after some macaroni avec fromage. Coffee made for tomorrow. Wrote a thousand at work, before work started, before when I was “told” to clock in. The day’s closed. After a day in Berkeley with sales team, me now seeing more. Precisely what I want after meeting a philosophy professor from UC Berkeley, his amazing home with a view of the entire bay. Was tempted to take a picture front her deck or balcony, whatever you’d call it where he told us he had coffee earlier and read the paper right there, pointing to a little table with three chic artisan chairs in the corner– view of the Golden Gate, Angel Island, Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge, the Bay… I’m in more a know’s tow, now. In this Now. Where I am on this floor with this capping of night. Feel self fading, tempted by dreams and those pillows. More than likely will spill the rest of this bottle into the drain. Philosophy Professor… me. I’m seeing different differences and contrasts… the study of where you are, what you’re doing. Why. Why are you doing that. Perhaps excessive reaction to pat, or maybe not enough… That door, that professor, where I was with one of my reps supposed to be “supervising” them but rather arranged and scattered and studying where I was, what I was doing and what was being said.. too many dimensions to here study.. Maybe in the morrow.